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How to: Make A DIY Felt Board

How to: Make A DIY Felt Board

All you need to make this super easy gift is:

  • a cork board
  • a staple gun
  • a pair of scissors
  • assorted felt

Start by wrapping your cork board with felt. I chose white. Actually, I originally wanted to do green on the bottom half and light blue on the top for grass and sky but Michael’s did not have large enough felt to cover my board. In the end I was glad I went with white because then I had more options for scenes (a beach scene, a farm scene, a castle scene). Pull the felt tightly so there are no wrinkles and staple gun the felt all the way around the back of the board. Cut off any excess. Then, all you have to do is cut some lovely felt pieces of your choice. I seriously had way too much fun doing this, though my hand did get tired from cutting (it’s kind of tough to cut felt. I recommend investing in some sharp scissors!).

I made this board for my daughter’s fourth birthday and she adored it. And I have to admit, it felt so good to watch her play with it for hours on her birthday morning. She hugged me and said “thank you for making this for me, Mommy!” I can’t wait to make more felt pieces with her to stick on.

Happy felting!

P.S. Kids love it if you include their own face (or your whole family’s) but you could make it a bit simpler by skipping this step. I printed these pictures on plain paper, then used a little modge podge on the back to adhere them to the felt.


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