Real men get snipped

Four years ago, a daughter came bursting into my world, splitting it, and me, wide open. The pregnancy was long and difficult, filled with nausea that lasted until the day she was born. When she arrived she cried harder than I ever knew such a tiny person could. I loved her instantly but she was one hard as hell baby.

Motherhood took a lot of adjusting for me. I’d been living a booze-fueled life for as long as I could remember. But my daughter became the change I never knew I wanted. Luckily, my relationship with her musician-by-night, electrician-by day-father survived the earth shifting beneath our feet and four years later, we were ready to “try” and have another baby.

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2 thoughts on “Real men get snipped”

  1. Interesting! I totally agree that women shouldn’t have to take on all the responsibility of family planning. I never liked the idea of the Pill mostly for that reason- it messes with a normal, healthy system of women’s bodies, and puts all responsibility on women.

    That’s one of the main reasons we use fertility awareness method. It’s definitely more work than a vasectomy and I know it’s not for everyone, but it requires shared responsibility. I also love how it’s all about being aware of your body and appreciating it, and is all natural and doesn’t harm either person’s body. (I admit to also being happy that it’s in line with the Catholic church’s ideas about life-giving).

    Disclaimer: I’m not advocating for the rhythm method of natural family planning that has a sketchy success rate. Check out the book Taking Charge of Your Fertilty if you’re curious. The author is not religious.


  2. dude, i think that’s awesome if it works for you! i totally agree about how important is to understand your bodily rhythms, too, for so many reasons. i think a lot of people will be tuning into their bodies more and more and using more natural methods given so many health issues can arise from most birth controls on the market. thanks for sharing!


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