Why I’m having a home birth

Five years ago, I found myself pregnant with my first child. I was 24 and didn’t know squat about babies and labor and all that hootenanny. Like a lot of women, I desired to have a natural birth — but I soon learned that I had no idea what I’d be up against to achieve one in a hospital in the state of Maryland. Had I done my research (more diligently), I would’ve learned that the hospital I chose (a reputable one in Baltimore and also the one where I had been born) had close to a 50 percent C-section rate. Though that number seems outrageous, it’s not that far off from the U.S. average.

new baby

1 thought on “Why I’m having a home birth”

  1. ” I fear birthing in a hospital far more than I would in a supported environment at home.”
    I felt/feel the same way. I had an epic panic attack at the 8-week ultrasound when I was pregnant with my daughter. From that moment on I KNEW I was going to have a home birth. I didn’t tell many people about it (for many of the same reasons you didn’t) but I’d sometimes get the comment, “Aren’t you scared?” My response was always, “I am more freaked out about giving birth in the hospital.” I am beyond grateful that my home birth experience was amazing and everything went very smoothly. I wish you the same!


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