30 before 30

Since my 29th birthday is juuuust around the corner (Aries, baby), I figured I better make a lofty list of goals for the next year that I probably won’t achieve. Not to sound like a Debbie-Downer! It’s just, I’ll have a new baby (and an old one) and um, yeah okay, that’s about it but… that’s a lot! I’m not sure how I’m going to have time to keep up with my writing “career” (I use that term loosely) or yoga-ing myself back into a human-being or, really, anything aside from wiping butts all-the-live-long-day.

But I still think it’s important to have goals! Goals you might not achieve but at least aim for. Goals that keep you sane in the middle of the night when you feel like your life has turned into an endless stream of feedings and diaper changes, feedings and diaper changes and wondering how you got into this mess and will you ever find your way out? Or, maybe that’s just me.

I’m not worried about turning 30. I don’t mind getting older and I hear thirties are awesome. They are also the new twenty. By the time I’m 30 they’ll be the new 18 basically so, I’m pretty much sold. But either way, it feels like I should have something to show for myself by the time I get to the big 3-0, aside from the two smelly butts I’ll be wiping. And I mean that lovingly.

Here are 30 things I’d like to accomplish over the next year and if I don’t, it’s really not that big of a deal.

1. Do yoga everyday. Even if it’s just meditating or deep-breathing and even if it’s only for ten minutes.

2. Read a book from start to finish. More specifically a book that isn’t about parenting, child-rearing, mothering, identity-crisis’s or babies.

3. Have a date night at least once a month that doesn’t end at 8 o’clock.

4. Go to a beach. Lay in the sun. Drink margs.

5. Paint more.

6. Knit more. Something besides hats.

7. Write a children’s book with Piper with hopes of turning it into a series.

8. Go camping. And find away to escape the mosquitoes from murdering me and only me, yet again.

9. Make more money than I made this year. Ha! That shouldn’t be too hard.

10. Write for a new publication.

11. Create a weekly yoga video for readers.

12. Take a class.

13. Teach a class.

14. Don’t watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

15. Breastfeed when and where I want to.

16. Take a nap. That’s right, just one. Let’s not go crazy here.

17. Do things with other moms.

18. Do things with people other than moms.

19. Take Piper on more play-dates.

20. Make a healthy dinner at least four nights a week.

21. Don’t yell, ever, at all.

22. Try a new food trend. A cleanse? Paleo? Something that doesn’t suck, obv.

23. Be mostly happy.

OR as happy as Piper on her birthday morning.
OR as happy as Piper on her birthday morning.


24. Have two or three wine-less nights a week, every week.

25. Do a yoga challenge for a month.

26. Don’t feel guilty about working (ha).

27. Get rid of cable.

28. Go outside everyday for an hour.

29. Be a better wife.

30. Finish my “book” even if it’s just 150 pages of crap that ends up sitting on my “desk” in the basement.

That’s about all I’ve got! If I cover half of those I’ll be pretty satisfied but why not shoot for the moon. What are your goals this year?


4 thoughts on “30 before 30”

  1. This is a great list of goals! I’ll be 30 in September and I think I might just make one of these lovely lists of goals for myself. You’ve benn an inspiration 🙂


  2. Just read ur article about advice u should never give to new moms on FB. And it was awesome. As a first time mom, at 41 no less, you are my new hero! I’m so mediocre that I can’t even figure out how to subscribe to your blog here. Can u help me out? I want to read more of your stuff so I can stop feeling like a failure and learn to embrace the mediocrity. Thanks!!!


    1. So nice of you to say Karin! Just plop your email into the top right corner of the blog, then you will get email updates when I post. Thanks for following and good luck!! 🙂


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