As you all know, major sleep issues hit my family hard in recent months. But apparently, I’m not nearly as alone as I have felt since entering NO SLEEP LAND. I always knew the world was filled with sleep-deprived parents, but man, I felt like the depths of my baby’s sleep issues were the worst I’d ever heard. It seems a lot of you are in my same boat, though, and while it makes me feel a teeny bit better, my heart goes out to each and every person who confessed to me, either publically or privately, that they are in their own personal sleep hell. It truly is so hard and I am so sorry. You know I feel your pain.

Anyway, apparently I’ve also been sleeping under a rock (or tossing any turning under one) but I didn’t know about a product called the Zipadee-Zip by Sleeping Baby Inc. until very recently. What is a Zipadee-Zip you ask? Well I’ll tell you. It’s a wearable blanket that aids the swaddle transition and is safe for baby to roll in. Now, my uber-alert Tenny never wanted to be swaddled in the first place. But I thought, we’re tried everything else, might as well try the zippy! Note: The Zipadee-zip goes up to 24m but there is also a hands-free option called “The Flying Squirrel” for bigger (12m+) babes.

A Cozy Fleece Zippy that is great for sleeping if you live in a cooler climate.  These are great with just a diaper underneath.  They also make great wearable blankets for stroller, car and baby carrier rides as a baby can easily be buckled in while wearing one. Retails for $38.95
A Cozy Fleece Zippy that is great for sleeping if you live in a cooler climate. These are great with just a diaper underneath. They also make great wearable blankets for stroller, car and baby carrier rides as a baby can easily be buckled in while wearing one. Retails for $38.95

While I was worried about T not having his hands free in case he wanted to suck his fingers (something he’s never done before, at least while trying to get to sleep) he didn’t seem to mind having them under his zippy. He could still move around and get comfortable. We typically put him in a big purple sleep sack that used to belong to his sister, but sleep was really hit or miss in that, too. He woke up a lot and I worried about how much he could really move and shift in it now that he’s a pro-roller. A lot of times, he seemed frustrated in the sack, so something more movable for this guy seemed like a pretty good solution.

The first night Tenny slept in his Zippy, miraculously, he did his longest stretch ever! Now I don’t want to be deceptive. We have also been working with a gentle sleep coach, but still, he’d been waking 2-3 times a night on the regular. So when I was pretty blown away at this change. No, actually… I thought it was a fluke. Now, he has routinely been waking up only once a night to nurse then going right back to sleep while wearing his zippy. It’s pretty amazing. While I can’t totally explain it, I think it has to do with the fact that his arms and legs are snug inside his zippy so he doesn’t wake himself up as much, but he can also move and shift around when he needs to.

FullSizeRender (25)
A well-rested Tenny after napping in his Zipadee-zip!

So without further ado, I’d like to give one of these amazing sleep-helpers away to one of you all in hopes that it will help your baby and you sleep!

All you have to do to enter is: 

1) Like The Mediocre Mama on Facebook and leave a comment either here or on Facebook about why you (or someone you plan on giving it to) need a zipadee-zip! 

2) Share this page directly from the blog OR via the giveaway link on Facebook. 

3) Like Sleeping Baby Inc- home of the ZipadeeZip on Facebook. 


Now everyone can’t be a winner… BUT if you head over to Sleeping Baby Inc., you can enter the coupon code “SLEEP” for $2 off a zippy of your choice anyway!

Find them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and be sure to like them on Facebook to enter their monthly giveaway!

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this product review and the opinions here are 100% my own. If you wish to contact me about a product review or a sponsored post, email Sarah.bregel@gmail.com. 



  1. I know a couple first time mama’s that would love this! I’ll be going to 3 baby showers in the next couple months, so many friends having babies, finally. We live in WI so stuff like this is perfect. I’ve also never heard of these and they are super cute.


    1. You are awesome! This is how I got my first Zipadee-Zip. I did not start using it until my baby was about 4 months old but so glad I had it handy. I now give these away to all my gf’s too!


    2. I gift Zipadee-Zip to all my first time momma friends! I tell them to use this swaddle transition sack the moment they see thier little ones breaking out of the swaddle. They always thank me later for this tip!


  2. I would give this to my sister who has a one month old and he is struggling..he keeps breaking out of his Halo sleepsack swaddles. I bet she would really appreciate this.


  3. Love these! My daughter only sleeps when she is in her zippy! Would love to win one so I can stop washing her one zippy all the time!


  4. Liked Mediocre Mama, shared the link on Facebook, and already liked ZipadeeZip on Facebook. I LOVE this product, and plan on giving a couple to my sister-in-law who will soon be in sleep hell as she is expecting twins in May!


  5. I would love this for my littlest guy! He is 6 weeks old today and already a big boy at 13 lbs…swaddling him is definitely not easy so I have been wanting to get a zipade zip after hearing great things about them! Excited about this giveaway!


  6. I’d love to win one for my troubled sleeper so we can finally get some much needed rest! I’ve heard so many great stories about them!


  7. My youngest daughter ( now almost five months) has yet to nap more than 5-10 minutes unless being held. We did manage a few naps intermittently but less than three since birth. She wakes up to three times a night and has trouble going to sleep unless nursing. All my other kids were great sleepers, so this is new! We need sleep. She needs sleep as she is super fussy except first thing in the morning!!


  8. Completed all the steps! Crossing my fingers as well! My 3 month old son needs the swaddle to sleep but has lately become an escape artist and always gets his hands out. Clearly I’m no good at swaddling! 😦 I’m hoping this helps him sleep peacefully through the night!!


  9. We have one, but need a second. Our little lady was born at 24 weeks gestation. She just began sleeping through the night with our small zippy, a medium is in our future!


  10. My son, Henry, desperately needs his swaddle, but now that he’s rolling, he can’t have it! We are wondering how we will ever transition him out of it, since he also has seborrhea, and if we leave even just one arm out of the swaddle, he wakes up with scratches all over his head 😦 This looks like the perfect solution – covering his hands, giving him some resistance, and keeping him safe if he rolls onto his tummy! I would be so grateful to win one!


  11. My family has had nothing but positive results with the Zipadee-Zip. My son actually falls asleep within 20 minutes of having it on. The best part about it, is that he stays asleep longer without interruption. I too share the same positive sentiments with the users comments above.


  12. This product is fantastic and simple. We have been using the Zipadee-Zip for three months now. I began using to help my son sleep better when he started to break out of his swaddle. He had a terrible time being able to sleep so with his swaddle transiting sack on, he was able to be soothed and sleep well.


  13. My absolute favorite product for our daughter was the Zipadee-Zip. It was a sleep life saver! Loved the swaddle blankets too before that along with natural diaper cream & glass baby bottles.


  14. We tried every trick in the book.The crying it out method was just ruining me and my hubby! I finally tried the Zipadee-Zip and was super skeptical that it would even work since literally nothing else had and to my utter shock, my LO slept 12 hours the first night in it! The Zipadee-Zip (www.sleepingbaby.com is where I found it) gave her the security to be able to sleep swaddle free which means I SLEPT TOO!!! Thank goodness for this thing!


  15. The Zipadee-Zip is so easy to use! I purchased two swaddles transition blankets at the same time and use them every single day. The material is super comfy to my son but one of the many things I like about it is that its really really durable! Three months since my purchase and countless washes its still strong!


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