Review: Soft Star Shoes

A few weeks ago, I was cruising through Target while the baby growled at me from the carrier and my daughter yanked things endlessly off the shelves and begged for toys, clothes, books, shoes, cheez-its. In all of her begging and pleading, I ended up throwing one crappy pair of flip flops into the cart, knowing they’d end up in a giveaway bag fairly quickly, but… the things we do to save our sanity.

Anyway, we got home, she promptly put the flip flops on and ran around the backyard. In about five minutes she was complaining that they hurt and in ten she had a blister between her toes. “Maybe you just need to break them in?” I said. But, no. They were hard, plastic, blister-makers and she was finished with them before Spring had even sprung.

So about a week later, I came across a company called Soft Star Shoes. I started cruising their website and had to have them for the kids, although they make adult shoes, too! The company graciously sent me a pair of shoes for my 10-month-old son and 5-year-old daughter. I was pretty pumped because as an almost-walker, my boy needed something soft and comfy and obviously, my daughter needed some summer kicks that didn’t give her blisters and me migraines!

FullSizeRender (33)
Soft Star Shoes- sandals and moccasins fresh out of the box!

A couple of days later the shoes arrived and OMFG. Just as they appeared on the site, they were the sweetest looking (and feeling) things ever. My daughter has barely taken hers off. Can you blame her? They are ADORABLE.

I absolutely love that her pink sandals velcro around her ankle and she doesn’t get tripped up on them like regular flops and that they are super comfortable. They will be perfect for the coming months of back-yarding, beaching, pooling, etc.

FullSizeRender (32)

The baby moccasins are the perfect first shoes. Not only are they cute as hell, but when I put my hand inside I went “WHOOOOA.” The soft lining feels awesome! Definitely not going to hear any complaints out of baby about these kicks!… and that’s pretty amazing because he complains about pretty much everything else. 😉

FullSizeRender (34)

Both of these pairs of shoes have become our every day shoes. They are easy shoes to slip on the baby when I can’t find socks (I CAN NEVER FIND SOCKS!) and any shoes my daughter willingly puts on without me asking her 2329813 billion times are an A+ in my book! The shoes pictured here are currently priced at $30 (for the moccasins) and $48 (for the child sandals). For hand-made premium-quality shoes and just how loved I know they will be, I’d say they are each worth that price tag. They are definitely worth it for the first shoes my son will wear on his little baby feets and learn to walk in. And we could easily go through three crappy pairs of sandals for my daughter this summer that break, fall apart, cause blisters or get thrown off a bridge (woops). I’m glad we’ll just have these cuties to get us around the town.

I’m so happy to introduce you to this amazing company. Go check out Soft Star Shoes for yourself or the kids. You will be so impressed when they arrive and your little ones will likely love them so much you won’t have to hold them down and shove their feet into them while they knee you in the crotch or anything like that.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this product review and the opinions here are 100% my own. If you wish to contact me about a product review or a sponsored post, email Sarah.bregel@gmail.com. 


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