“Marital Maintenance” is a privilege 

Refinery 29

One thousand tiny things

New York Magazine- The Cut

The lonely terror of postpartum anxiety

The Washington Post

There’s is no gift registry when you need it most: After a divorce. 

8 Things you didn’t know about perinatal mood disorders 

How I learned to let the village in

I had a home birth and I’m not “stupid” or “brave” 


A Day With: Insomnia

Good Housekeeping

I’m a young mother. I won’t miss these days. 

The Daily Dot

The “Mommy Blogger” Stigma: Why accomplished women can’t shake the title


Being a single mother taught me to embrace the sex life I thought was dead. 

When motherhood makes you want to run

How doctors cross the line in the delivery room 

Why ’23 and pregnant’ is the new ’16 and pregnant’

The Establishment

How a midwife “witch hunt” is hurting women’s choices in childbirth 


Why the way we portray birth in entertainment matters

You lose friends when you have a baby, and other things I learned the hard way

Don’t fake it: Getting a real Christmas tree is the only way to go

The Mid

I never thought I’d be an overwhelmed mother

Fit Pregnancy

Warrior Moms Educate on PPD

The Case of the Coerced C-section: What are women’s rights in birth?

Circumcision debate heats up following baby’s death


Think you’re pregnant? 8 dos and don’ts

6 Tips for Getting the VBAC You Want


Why I’m considering having my smart kid repeat kindergarten

10 Things I want for Christmas that aren’t things

Mommy Wars? I call bullshit

HuffPost Parents

If You Don’t Support Women’s Rights in Birth, Don’t Call Yourself a Feminist

The 50 Stages of sleep deprivation

Parenting Never Gets Easier

What Postpartum Moms Really Need


The family I never knew I wanted

Mutha Magazine

Why I Asked My Husband to Get a Vasectomy

Charting a new course for my sensitive girl

When raising kids takes a toll on your marriage 


Ivanka Trump in “survival mode” is basically everyday motherhood for the rest of us

Alabama mom gets justice after traumatic birth left her permanently injured

In a parallel universe, where I am not a mother

To the mom who’s at her breaking point

On Being a Piece of a Puzzle



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