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“I joined this workshop mainly to make myself get back to work on some writing. At the end of the month, I have two essays, one that I’m really happy with and one that will keep me working on something. I’m happy to have some forward momentum. I’m also super grateful for Sarah’s edits. She saw right away where the heart of my work was and gave simple, clear advice for clarifying and cutting where necessary. It’s been really nice to have a small community of women who have been supporting each other and sharing their work, too.” – Melanie Sweeney Bowen

“A friend told me about the group because she thought it would be a good match for me. I’m my family’s story teller but only started writing down my truths last year, story by story. I’ve learned so much though Sarah and the other members. Sarah’s edits are helpful and logical. I’m starting to hear her in my head now when I write, from making the story easier to follow to adding detail to the meat of the matter to looping the ideas together and beyond. I’m grateful and excited to write on.” – Cathy Lightbourne Blane