Sarah Bregel is a mother, a writer, a feminist, and a deep-breather based in Baltimore, Maryland. She has contributed to publications like Slate, Glamour, The Washington Post, Longreads, Refinery 29, New York Magazine-The Cut, Good Housekeeping, Vice, Vox, The Huffington Post, Today, The Daily Dot, The Establishment, Parents (both online and in print), Fit Pregnancy, The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore’s Child, and more. She writes news and essays for Babble.com and was interviewed live on MSNBC last year, in response to a piece there.

She writes open and honestly about motherhood and marriage, working to breakdown stereotypes about what happens to us when we become wives and mothers. Her Longreads essay, “How to say maybe you don’t want to be married anymore” was one of the top 25 most viewed essays on the site in 2017.

Sarah is an advocate for safe and informed birth and has written widely on the topic for various publications. She strongly feels that maternal safety and well-being are undeniably linked to how women are treated during childbirth. Through her work she has been part of the growing conversation about body autonomy in birth.

She lives with her 8-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son.

Find Sarah on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @SarahBregel.


5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Just found your blog today thanks to the Huffington Post article about sleep deprivation and couldn’t figure out why your name was vaguely familiar. Then when I read this page I knew why. Back when I used to live in Naptown your hubby and his band mates (Earthtone) were regulars at the Ram’s Head Tavern where I worked. I kept up with the guys through MySpace and Facebook and such. I remember Marshall posting about the birth and other issues about your daughter and am inspired by how well everything is going for you both. Your blog is so funny and so true to life. I am currently expecting my second child but it was my first (a girl) who was the insane non-sleeper. I hope this little guy is better but it’s nice to know us sleep deprived momma’s are not alone.


  2. Sarah – I just read your most recent Huffington Post article today. As I read it I kept thinking “oh my god…this is me. I feel so much what she feels.” Not to mention I’m also a part-time freelance writer (my dream job) while taking care of my 2 and 5 year old kiddos. I then went on to read some of your other articles on the subject of marriage and motherhood. I just wanted to tell you how brave, insightful, honest and helpful you are in sharing your thoughts, fears, dreams and experiences during a very challenging life change. I’m not sure what life holds for me, but it seems that I’m in a very similar place to the one you were in. So thank you for sharing something so personal. Your words, vulnerability and perspective really touch my heart!

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